Electrically Adjustable Laptop Stand And Cooler (Work in Progress)

Fig: Planned Final Product 3D Model


Create a laptop stand to place/hold up a laptop beside the main monitor for a productive desk set up.

Design Requirements: 

(As this is a personal project, most of the design requirements were mainly derived from my personal needs, and after talking to some peers about what they might like to have in a laptop stand)

Two Major Components:

Fig: Lifting Mechanism (Design allows 79mm adjustment range, thus meeting the criteria)

Fig: Cooling Pad

How Does It Lift?

Fig: Lead Screw Lifting Mechanism


Fig: 3D Printed Arm

Fig: Prototype Set Up to Test Lifting Mechanism + Electronics

Software and Electronics:

Fig: Arduino Code 

Fig: Electronics Set Up

Using an Arduino Mega but will be shifting to an Arduino Micro due to its small size. Wrote the above code which does the following:

First Successful Test!

First video of testing the Lifting Mechanism and Arduino Code.  Although this project is still in the prototype/testing phase, I wanted to share it here to show my progress. 

Why an Arduino + Joystick?

Implementing DFA Principles:

     Initial Design with L clamps 


New Design with a Single bracket 

3D Printed (PLA) Bracket